Saturday, 10 January 2015

Scorpio Girl

I was recently asked to create a Scorpio girl for a customer in the same style as my other zodiac girls. A few ideas sprung to mind and I got to work in my sketchbook.

I thought I'd stick with a warm colour palette for Scorpio and chose shades of pink, ochre and red. At the moment I've made a Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus and Leo and I might create some more- I'll show you Pisces.

I love creating custom orders and if you have something in mind please don't hesitate to get in touch. I can be contacted at or in my etsy shop.

Here is the final Scorpio girl, I hope you like her.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! It's a chilly, rainy 1st of January here in Scotland. I think it's going to be a quiet day at home with lots of chocolate, tea and a little drawing. I'll share some artwork with you...


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Work in progress and artwork offer

It's been a busy week here at Coramantic with lots of drawing, painting and creating going on. Lots of new little ladies have been appearing, quite spontaneous and also characteristic of some older work of mine.

Here is a quick work in progress snap.

I've also stopped by to share an offer with you that will be available to blog readers and facebook fans over the next few days. Until Friday 21st of March all postcards and ACEOs in my shop are on offer of buy two get one free (cheapest item free but three of the same value are fine). Just pop in the notes to seller at checkout what item you would like free. In the event of someone purchasing the item you chose as your freebie I will discuss with you and try to come up with a suitable alternative (although the chances of this are slim it would be just like the thing!).
This offer may be used in conjunction with other offers and coupons. Also there is no limit, e.g. buy four get two free. I hope you spot something you might like and I really hope you are enjoying my new work coming through, Yvonne.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Pets and Paintings

I thought I'd give you a little update on some new work and I've also realised I've not shared any pictures of my new little cat Effie on my blog. Here are a couple -


Effie is a funny little cat, she's not a snuggly cat like Jet but she does like to lie on her back and have her tummy rubbed - sometimes she gets so engrossed in it she slides right off the chair.
In terms of work I have been quite busy lately. I've managed to get a fair few giclee prints into my etsy shop and I will have some more soon, here are a couple -


Tree Sparrow
I've also been working on some new ACEOs, I've been having fun with these - I seem to be getting some balance between detail and spontaneity in my work, but these little ladies are pretty spontaneous!

I do notice all the pictures of my artwork look a little grey on my blog at he moment, they are scans so I'm not sure why this is. My old laptop died a short while ago and I never had this problem, I can only apologise until I find out more - they are all very much white!


Monday, 3 February 2014

Bird watching

I thought I'd stop by to give you a little update on my work at the moment. I've been pretty engrossed with painting birds and elements of nature just now. I love looking at the feathers on the birds and begin to see patterns emerging, I mainly work from a collection of photos but last weekend I took part in the RSPB big garden birdwatch and I managed to see some up close. I really didn't think we'd see all that many (I took my son and one of his friends) but we counted over forty in the hour and we managed to spot nine different types.

One of the birds I've enjoyed painting is this barn owl. It's now available as a giclee print in my etsy shop. I hope you like it, I was going for quite an airy cheerful vibe (I'm sorry it might look a little grey on your screen, it is very much white).

I've been painting out one or two new ACEOs as well, I love working on a small scale now and again and couldn't resist creating some of my little birds in this size - here are a few...

I've also reduced one or two items in my etsy shop to half price, so if you want an original art bargain have a peek at my sale section. I'll share some more work soon.

Friday, 29 November 2013

New work and 25% off

Just stopping by to share with you some new work. Firstly my little hummingbird, created using gouache, she's a colourful happy looking little character. She will be available in the near future as a giclee print along with another little creature I created- a whiskered rabbit enjoying a trip on a cloud just smelling the flowers ;) I hope you like them. Also having a cheeky little 25% off in my etsy shop this weekend with discount code DEC25. I will be back soon with developments on a barn owl sketch I'm working on and hopefully one or two new ACEOs.



Friday, 8 November 2013

Giclee Prints

There is a definite feel of winter here in Fife now, the heating is on and all the cosy jumpers are out. I have a bit of a cold at the moment and feeling a little under the weather. I've not left the house today yet but my cosy little cat has been snuggled in keeping me company. He doesn't seem to be too fussy about this time of year and will pop a paw out the door and then right back in again.

I just wanted to stop by and show you some of the new prints I had professionally made of my birds. I'm pretty happy with them, they look really close to the originals. I went for high quality giclee prints using pigment based inks on archival fine art paper, this means they won't fade in sunlight.

I've spoken about getting prints made for ages and I'm glad I've finally taken the plunge. I think it will make a real difference to me, especially in terms of detail. My new work is still very true to my style but using prints means I can spent a bit longer working on each piece. I have listed the first couple for sale in my etsy shop.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Bird and Binder

I've been very busy this week painting out new birds. The latest complete one is the little chaffinch pictured below and I have one in progress at the moment of a humming bird. I really enjoy painting the birds but I'm doing a few sketches as well of some other ideas that will complement them. I'm also excited to say I've sent the first couple away to the printers for some giclee prints so we'll see how those turn out later in the week.

I have also found a new way of storing my ACEOs. I used to keep them all in a little white box but I've started to put them all in a binder in little pockets together. I got the idea from my son who collects football cards in these little pockets. I liked the look of the album he was making and thought I'd have one too, only with all my coramantic minis!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Hello again

Hello everyone, I've been away for a little while haven't I !? I can't believe the last time I was on blogger was back in June. I have still been painting and creating but at a slower pace and have had a very limited online presence. I felt like I needed a little time away and life has been busy in all sorts of other ways. I have been working on a few different things so I'll show some pictures today. I've been shut off from others work too but I'll get back into the swing of things and catch up on all the blogs I enjoy very soon, I'm sure I'll have plenty to catch up on, Yvonne x

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Abstract - In Hiding

And of course... a few new ACEO ladies
Dream In Colour

The Little Mushroon Lady